Bishop Water Technologies

Bishop Water Technologies provides a full suite of sludge management products including chemical conditioning equipment, flocculants and coagulants, Biocord Reactors for biological wastewater treatment and Geotube Technology for shoreline protection and solids consolidation applications.

Bishop Water Technologies is able to provide water and sludge testing in its lab in Renfrew and in its partner's lab in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As a company it has shown a commitment to taking old, established products and developing new and innovative uses for them.





  • Extended Lagoon Life
  • Meet New Regs and Dishcarge Limits
  • Increase Lagoon Capacities
  • Ammonia/BOD5/TSS Reduction
  • Cold Water Nitrification
  • GeoTube Sludge Management
  • Abandoned Lagoon Reclammation
  • Heavy Metal Removal


Biocord Reactors for WW Treatment

Solid Management Brochure

BioCord Reactor Brochure

Biocord Wastewater Treatment Pilot

Biocord Energy Use Spec Sheet

Biocord Reactor for Lagoon Treatment Brochure

GeoTube - London Case Study

GeoTube - Perth Case Study

Heavy Metals Removal Spec Sheet


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