Vacuum Dosing Systems for Liquid Chemicals

JCS Industries is a proven leader in manufacturing innovative chemical feed solutions, utilizing patented all-vacuum liquid feed technology. Systems include the Model 4100 Automatic Liquid Vacuum Feeder, solving issues encountered when feeding sodium hypochlorite solutions, and the Model 4120 Liquid Vacuum Switchover, a cost-effective alternative for redundant system requirements in liquid feed applications.

With new product releases such as the Model 4800 All Vacuum Polymer Feeder and the Model 4900 Vacuum Dry Feeder, JCS provides truly innovative advancements in chemical feed technology.



4100 Liquid Vacuum Chemical Feeder

4120 Liquid Vacuum Switchover

4140 Chemical Injection Mixer

4200 Gas Vacuum Chemical Feeder

4400 Residual Chlorine Analyzer

420-C Vacuum Regulator

Robo-Control Model u Actuator


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