Membrane Treatment for Crypto/Giardia and Contaminant Reduction



Pall's Aria™ water treatment systems are designed to meet today's stringent drinking water treatment requirements. Aria systems use uniquely designed Microza™ membrane modules in a hollow fiber configuration to remove turbidity, bacteria, Cysts and Oocysts, and Fe and Mn from surface and ground water. Each microfiltration hollow fiber module provides high active surface area and is highly permeable, resulting in high water production rates.

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Pall's Microza™ Hollow Fiber Membrane Systems allow for integration with existing infrastructure or use as a standalone system. The design of the modules allow for high mechanical strength and large recovery rates. The highly permeable hollow fibers are available in both ultrafiltration and microfiltration grades, stopping Crypto/Giardia, and removing other contaminants.







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Filtration and Separation Technologies For Mine Water Treatment







Water and wastewater treatment is becoming a major component of mine operations. Water supply, scarcity and regulatory constraints are changing the landscape of mine site water management.

Pall can help with innovative, sustainable solutions that allow mines to meet discharge requirements, treat water for reuse, help improve water use index and become less dependent on external water supplies.

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