DWG carries one type of rental equipment to meet your potable water treatment needs.

Our NF/RO Pilot skids are used to produce a representative sample of the final reverse osmosis permeate expected to be achived by a full-scale system and to determine a recovery rate that could be expected to be achieved with the full-scale system and still produce satisfactory permeate quality. Also to establish if additional pretreatment or post treatment is expected to be needed for the ultimate system and to identify any operating issues that may need to be addressed for the final design. These units have been used in quite a few pilot projects over the years and is a favorite among consultants and clients.




NF/RO Units

Our NF/RO skid is designed to remove dissolved solids from the feed water. The membrane system includes antiscalant pretreatment, a cartridge filter, a high pressure feed pump, and membrane modules. The cartrige filter contains a 5-micron filter to remove trace particles that may be in the water, or to capture isolated spikes in turbidity. Antiscalant is added before the membranes to help prevent scaling inside the membrane system.

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